What We’re Reading – September 15, 2013

Tomatoes - Union Square Market

We met on Twitter, interest piqued by each other’s profiles, and conversed about our shared passions and interests in 140 characters or less. We eventually did brunch to determine if virtual admiration would lead to in-person friendship. It did, and we continue to meet regularly over coffee and something sweet.

Jodi is a professional editor; Deborah is a chef. We both like to write for public consumption, and we both read — a lot. We find the term “blogger” ill fitting (the search is on for a bespoke identifier) and agree that there is an abundance of good food storytelling online — via narrative, recipes, and images — crafted by passionate amateurs like us. We’re publishing our favourite finds on the 1st and 15th of each month. Subscribe to either of our feeds to get our updates, and join in the hunt — leave a comment to tell us about your food-writing discoveries.


Cooking and telling stories. That’s what makes us human.” So glad that Michael Ruhlman was too busy to write a new blog post. This piece should be read again and again by any lover of food writing.

…and then there’s this – exquisite. “Good writing and good cooking share some fundamental attitudes—we might think of them as utensils of the spirit.”

“Don’t decide to make a sandwich suddenly while I am in the middle of baking a twelve-layer cake with four fillings and two frostings. That counter space is mine. I need it. Go away.” *smiling*

“Canadians really ARE nicer…And Toronto is a wonderful food town“.

Slow down. Be present. Even when travelling. On Finding Quiet and Mindfulness through Food.

“There aren’t many moments of peace and bliss. I can’t drink like I did when I was young. My life doesn’t really allow for marijuana. But I need a separate space. Dinner seems like a good place to draw the line.” Where do you draw the line?

“How do I live without her here? How do I do this every day? I swear, I’d rather be in the middle of the war again than live through this.” We all have stories. Sometimes it’s at the table that we feel safe enough to tell them.

Waxing poetic about toast, prepared in A Very Specific Way.


“…this curd (passion fruit) sets so well due to the number of egg yolks. It comes from a Brigitte Haffner recipe published in Australian Gourmet Traveller and is the best curd I’ve ever tasted and made.”

Homemade Ginger Beer – lovely.

Quickly to the kitchen before the tomatoes disappear.

Speaking of tomatoes, all you need are the guts for this breakfast dish.

Watermelon — yes, watermelon — fruit leather. With salt! And chile flakes!

Evenings are darker and cooler than they were even two weeks ago. Makes you want to cozy up to a comforting coffee-chocolate-cinnamon marshmallow. Nothing like ending the day on a sweet note!


“What do green globe pomegranates taste like? Super sweet, juicy and amazing. They’re not tart nor acidic like the common red varieties, so the green globes are perfect for drinking and eating.” Always extraordinary photos from this couple.

Scenes from the Okanagan Valley. (Also see part 1 and part 2.)


“There is no secret recipe here, it’s fruit, sugar and lemon juice! What is just amazing is that with my habits of pastry chef of measure everything, I asked my mother how much water, sugar, fruit and lemon and how many degrees and she smiled back at me with her wooden spatula and laughed!”

Why do you bake?




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Author: Deborah Reid

Pro-chef living a delicious life. Twenty five years working within striking distance of a gas range. My appetite is as large as my enthusiasm.

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